Watercolour Paints

Watercolour is one of the main types of paint used by artists, adults, kids and beginners. We have varieties of watercolours in various colour options, shapes and sizes according to suit artists and kids need. There are a lot of brands that manufacture watercolour paints. So, the price of these paints depends on the brand, the size of the set, and also the number of colours. There are variations in colour shades between different brands. Our collection includes varied watercolour paints ranging from 42 colours set to single watercolour paint tubes.

How to use watercolour paints?

For watercolour paintings and creativity, we always recommend soft, natural Aquafine Brushes or Dalen Brushes as they are effective in absorbing and holding more pigment and water. You can also use a fresh and clean water supply, thick watercolour paper, and a good palette for mixing your paints.

If you are an artist and like to make paintings then you may also explore our range of Art Pencils and Canvas.