Stickoo Glue (Tube) 125 mL


  • Sticko The All Purpose Adhesive is Fast, Permanent, Transparent and Adjustable.
  • You can use the glue on wood, veneer, plastic, ceramics, china, glass, metal, leather, rubber, fabric, felt, cork and more.
  • The bond remains flexible and is both UV and water resistant.
  • It is suitable for 1 and 2 sided bonding.
  • 1 Piece of 125 mL UHU Glue in Box.
  • Made in Pakistan.

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Stickoo Glue (tube) is a reliable and effective adhesive which is ideal for school projects, office, arts & crafts, model-making, zarri, clothing adornment and much more! It bonds paper, cardboard, fabrics, beads, wood, ceramics, leather, cork, metal and may other materials.
Stickoo Glue Tube is your best choice because it adheres with strength and maintains it for a longer span of time. Stickoo Arts & Crafts Glue (tube) Fast, Permanent, Transparent


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