Daler Rowney – Aquafine Fan Blender Watercolor Brush – AF48-4


  • Brand: Daler Rowney
  • To use with: Watercolor & gouache
  • Hair Type: Synthetic and natural
  • Hair Shape: Fan Blending
  • Handle Length: Short
  • Brush Code: AF48
  • Brush Size: 4
  • High resilience and durable


Daler-Rowney Dalon Aquafine Fan Blender Brush is made out of Dalon which is the first real rival to the sable brush. The aquafine Fan Brush is going to be the magic tool once you start designing and creativity. An attractive fan shaped head used for skilful blending of colour on any surface and dry brushwork. It is a remarkable man-made brush. It is the best choice for artists, adults, students and professionals. Easy to use and reliable. We sell the best selection of aquafine fan blender brushes to suits your needs. It has excellent shape and natural sable hair. It has soft synthetic and natural hair, that have extremely fine tips with elasticity and resilience. It has great point and stroke, excellent shape retention and long life. Aquafine fan blender brush offers excellent performance in the hands of students, professionals and adults alike. It is Ideal for watercolour, oil, acrylic and gouache. Great for the lives of artists and professionals in every step of their artistic journey. Aquafine Fan Paint Brush motivate artists of all ages and to start new opportunities for their needs to create. It is attached to the short wooden durable handle. Buy NOW !!! the superior and high-quality Aquafine fan Brush at an affordable price.


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